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    What Teachers are Saying About Chris' Workshops

    • "Chris was terrific. I learned so much and have many new techniques to bring to my class."

    • "Inspirational! Great make and take materials."

    • "Great stuff! I loved it! Encore presentation with different topic."

    • "This was an exceptional workshop. So much of this can be easily done in my classroom."

    • "Great! Wonderful! Wow! Thanks for everything."

    • "This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended!"

    • "This guy is awesome. Great teaching ideas - both phenomena and pedagogy."

    • "I wish I had a science teacher like Chris when I was a student. I would have really enjoyed the subject!"

    • "Great speaker! Interesting and Fun."

    • "Chris’ “tutorial” makes me want to study physics first hand and connect it to everything!"

    • "Chris is such an enthusiastic teacher! His presentation was excellent suitable for all ages of students."

    Science Education Professional Developement
    with Chris Chiaverina